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Galaxy S9: borderless on all sides to beat iPhone X

The “war” is always among them, Samsung and Apple. The first chases the second and the second pursues the first. Between the two US litigants enjoy!

Taking a “war” in the case of two giants so huge. It can be seen as a childish behavior under certain points of view!

But we must not forget that in the cases of the two companies running billions of dollars, which provide jobs, wages and induced a giant advertising.

Samsung earlier this year equipped Galaxy S8  of a borderless design with frames reduced to the bare minimum.

Apple with iPhone X offers a completely borderless design on three sides with the well-known window sensor at the top center.

And the next move by Samsung in 2018 what will? With Galaxy S9 the South Korean company could come up with a design completely borderless, on all 4 sides!

Yes, such a design would be extreme and the safe effect Wow but the question that brings us back to Earth is: currently at the front you must – inevitably – a small space at least two position sensors, dedicated camera / E, and other components smartphone operation. And then what?

The challenge is considerable, frankly, I can not imagine how a terminal – the current technology – can have a display that covers the entire front plan and also incorporate camera and sensors.

But renderings of fans there, and although futuristic and without a real engineering, show us an absolutely terminal free of edges over the entire surface.

In theory you could sacrifice a small space for the camera: for example, Essential Phone is so. It may or may not like, but you must consider that the design is quite eye-catching and free of edges: with just that little space devoted to the front cam at the top, I would also consider the top edge borderless!

But the point is that the current Galaxy (S8, S8 Plus and Note 8) also have the function unlock his face and have to rely on multiple sensors of the other smartphone competitors. Seeing is believing!

In short, the challenge is reopened and indeed, has never been closed! Earlier this year Samsung chases Apple’s ideas of its predecessor, the second half of Apple Samsung pursues its predecessor, is a loop!

Besides – if we think about it – there are only five months to the presentation of Galaxy S9, time flies and presentations come!

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