Did You Know

Did you know?

How much time do women spend in front of the closet, how often they break up, what animals are the most intimate, what can they use bread crumbs, which is the healthiest island on the planet … A flower called the Psychotria elata has the same shape as the female uprained lips; Experts have created artificial trees that 100 times faster remove carbon dioxide from the air than the natural one. They predict that these trees will soon be able to replace the right, which will significantly affect the air quality on the planet; Scientists claim that babies begin to learn their mother tongue, that is, the language their mother speaks in the womb; Bread of bread successfully wipes the marks of the graphite pencil as well as the rubber; Scientists argue that elephants are the most intimate animals, as it has been proven that they help other animals when they fall into hunting traps in a natural habitat; Over 450 ancestors live on Okinawa Island, which makes this place the healthiest on the planet; “The only one” is the name of the oldest turtle in the world, which has lived through three centuries. Namely, she was born in 1750 and died in 2006; Herofobia is a psychological disorder that causes people to be afraid of being happy because they feel that a great tragedy will result; Depressants are more likely to have flu, while optimists of stronger immunity and rarely suffer from viral and bacterial infections; If you have problems with acne, vodka can help you! Dermatologists claim that it successfully narrows the pores if it is swallowed for several days in a row; When we talk to ourselves, it strengthens the nerve cells and makes us better concentrated and more focused; In the last few years, more than 38% of terminations have been made by mail or via SMS; Scientists claim that if it is true that the universe is infinite, each of us has an identical copy somewhere in it.


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