Did You Know

Did you Know your Iphone could do this?

Iphone’s have become an integral part of today’s world and culture. They brought about  the smartphone generation and we have been using them for years. But, did you know some of the cool tricks you can do with your Iphone?

  1. ) Have you have had a moment where you need a quick battery charge, but was unsure if it would be enough for the day? The first trick is about charging your Iphone more efficiency. It turns out that if you turn Airplane Mode on while you are charging, it can really speed up the process.
  2. ) Has there been a time where you have wanted to take a picture of what your phone was displaying? Whether it’s a funny meme or picture, taking a snapshot of your phone’s screen is very easy, yet many people don’t know how to do it. On your Iphone, you simply need to press and hold the unlock button and the home button down at the same time and Viola! You’ve done it! You can post these pictures to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  3. ) Making a typo using your phone while writing an email, editing a text, or changing a picture? While your doing any of these actions, just shake your device back and forth and it will pop-up with an option to undo your last action. So instead of holding the backspace button, you can undo the last action registered.
  4. ) Does it ever bother you that you cannot easily see the time that someone texted you? It turns out that’s there, we only have to adjust how we observe the screen. It you slide the text screen to the left, you can see the time stamps on the text messages.


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