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Did You Know That Your Samsung Galaxy Phone Has A Hidden Test Menu? Here's How To Use It To See If Everything's Working Properly

Did you know that Samsung Galaxy smartphones come with a hidden test menu? The menu, which can be accessed by simply dialing a string of characters, allows users to confirm if there are certain components of the smartphone that are not working properly.

For users who think that there is something wrong with the sensors of their Galaxy smartphone; suspect that there are some parts of the touchscreen that are not responding as they should; or are experiencing any similar problems related to the device's functions and features, the hidden test menu will provide a diagnosis.

The hidden test menu is not exactly a new feature, as it has been around for years among Samsung Galaxy smartphones. New Samsung Galaxy owners might not know of it yet, though, while Samsung Galaxy loyalists might have already forgotten about it, so here's quick refresh of how to access it and what it can do.

To access the hidden test menu, users will simply have to dial *#0*# on the device's Phone app. After doing so, a menu made up of labelled tiles will be brought up, corresponding to the many tests that are available for the Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

The tests that will be available on the device will be different depending on the model of the Samsung Galaxy device where the hidden test menu is accessed.

Among the buttons are ones that test the red, green and blue colors on the smartphone's display, one which checks the sensitivity of the device's touch screen, one that checks the vibration of the smartphone, one that plays a song loudly to check the speakers and one that checks the various sensors in the smartphone.

Using the hidden test menu to check the different components of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone offers certain benefits to users, one of which is making sure that there is indeed something wrong with the device before making the trip to a nearby Samsung store to request repairs. In addition, using the tests in the hidden menu will give users a deeper glimpse on how their device works.

Samsung will likely be incorporating the hidden test menu into the next Galaxy device that it is planning to release, namely the Galaxy S8. With the controversial Galaxy Note 7 now shut down, it is said that Samsung will be borrowing technology from some of the best features of the discontinued smartphone and bring them into the Galaxy S8 in a bid to make the device as powerful and impressive as possible.

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